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Fine 5.36 carat sapphire from Kashmir.

The Arcane World of High Priced Gems

“I am showing you this in absolute confidence, you understand Mr. Wise and I am asking you please not to mention this stone to anyone”. So begins a conversation not unlike many similar conversations I have had over the past few years with dealers who specialize in ultra-rare and very high priced gemstones. The place,…
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A Meditation on Cultured Pearls; Part Three

The pearl has another quality, unique among gems: its beauty can be enlivened or subdued by placing it in contact with a woman’s skin. The Spanish word simpatico is a term I’ve chosen which I think best describes this somewhat mysterious quality. A pearl, no matter how beautiful in itself, will seem to glow if…
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A Meditation on Cultured Pearls: Part Two

Quality Part II Color and translucency are insufficient! A fine pearl must have that subtle misty iridescence that connoisseurs call orient, a glow that seems to emanate from inside the pearl and cling to its skin, like an early morning fog, a quality that led the medieval poet Thomas Campion to muse that pearls: “look…
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A Meditation On Cultured Pearls, Part One:

By Richard W. Wise, G.G. ©2017 Part I I began my career as a faceted stone man. It took me a long time to warm up to pearls. A fine diamond will blast you with brilliance and a ruby will step right up and sock you in the eye. Not so the pearl! Pearls seemed…
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