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Gems & Gemology, The Bible of the Gem Trade Reviews Secrets Of The Gem Trade (2nd Edition)

Book Review: Secrets of the Gem Trade, Second Edition Tao Hsu December 1, 2017 FacebookTwitterPrintEmailFacebook MessengerMore6 By Richard W. Wise, hardcover, 404 pp., illus. publ. by Brunswick House, Lenox, Massachusetts, 2016, $99.95. The gem and jewelry industry is still extremely secretive, even in our fast-paced digital era. In both the first and this second edition…
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World Gem Foundation Review of Secrets Of The Gem Trade (Second Edition)

When it comes to books or music or anything else for that matter, one does not have to exist at the exclusion of others. In my opinion, they can happily co-exist and are often complimentary to other. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses and these should be embraced rather than discounted. There are several…
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