“Sadly we work in an industry where many view education as a bad thing. Content to believe what others have told them and perpetuate the falsehoods that have existed for generations…  Richard Wise is one of these guys who has made it his personal mission, based on years of experience, to dispel these untruths and give his readers the tools they need to make informed decisions.”   

The World Gem Foundation

“Richard Wise opened my eyes to a whole new way of viewing gems. Connoisseurship allows us to search out and enjoy the finer aspects of gems… The second edition is better in many ways. There is much more of everything that made the first book great. Richard’s definition of what is precious has expanded to include many new gems.”

The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA)

“The Second Edition’s eleven new gems are jade, natural nacreous pearls, conch pearls, moonstone, sunstone, cobalt blue spinel, red/pink spinel, peridot, demantoid garnet and Golconda (type IIa) diamonds. This brings the Wise list to forty-five. And naturally, the criteria articulated in Part I are applied to each of the gem varieties covered in Part II. A three-page glossary and five-page bibliography aid the reader in terminology and sources.”

   Pala International Newsletter

“I received my copy of Secrets Of The Gem Trade, Second Edition in Nov. 2016. The author has done an excellent job presenting valuable insights into the key factors that establish quality and beauty of gemstones. In essence, Wise has placed in print the considerations that such experts gain through decades of experience in the market. As a gem industry analyst, I really enjoyed the revised edition. It is an excellent resource and an absolute “must” read for anyone interested in gems!”

 Stuart Robertson, President The Accredited Gemologists Association (AGA)

“Secrets of the Gem Trade, second edition, is a treasure for any novice or expert Gem Lover… Generally, experts don’t reveal their hard-earned secrets. This book does it all. I got my copy yesterday and couldn’t put it down. Remarkable in its scope, quality of information and superb pictures of gems and sources, this book is a must have if you ever wanted to know more about gems, gem dealing from the inside by an expert.”

  Jay Boyle, Graduate Gemologist,

“I am a Graduate Gemologist and have been a professional gem dealer now for thirty years and I can say with some authority that Richard Wise’s Secrets Of The Gem Trade (2nd Edition) is purely and simply a masterpiece. The first edition was excellent; the 2nd edition is even better. The author has revised and enlarged the book adding eleven additional chapters almost two hundred new photographs.”

Michael Schofield, Graduate Gemologist,

“The gem and jewelry industry is still extremely secretive, even in our fast-paced digital era. In both the first and this second edition of Secrets of the Gem Trade, Richard W. Wise targets trade secrets that almost all beginners and consumers would like to peek into. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Mr. Wise shared both his knowledge and life experience with his readers in this marvelous work.

While this book can be used as a gemology textbook, it is also quite different than those traditionally used for this purpose. The order of the chapters on individual gem varieties follows the alphabetic sequence rather than mineral classification. This makes it a lot easier for readers with no mineralogy background to navigate. Second, the author uses understandable language, rather than scientific terminology, to deliver the message to readers of all different levels and interests

Readers will not just learn the essential concepts of modern gemology, but will also get a better understanding of the gem market. Additionally, the author also uses his own experience to tell the readers what is the best way to learn the gem trade, giving and what “homework” they need to do before going out to buy. It is a good read for people who are currently outside of the trade but want to step in. It is also an excellent review for those who are already experienced in this trade. The second edition of Secrets of the Gem Trade is definitely one of the best comprehensive gemological publications you can find today.” 

Gems & Gemology

“Richard Wise’s new book is a real contribution to the gemology literature. Written by an veteran dealer, it is 
very up-to-date and full of insider insights. This book is an excellent primer for the collector and aspiring connoisseur and a very useful reference for jewelers. I read it, enjoyed 
it and learned a lot!

Dr. Carl A. Francis,
Harvard Mineralogical Museum Cambridge, MA

“Richard Wise is one of the world’s foremost gem connoisseurs

Gemkey Magazine

“Secrets Of The Gem Trade: The Connoisseurs Guide To Precious Gemstones by Richard W. Wise is an impressive new reference for dedicated dealers and collectors of gems, gemstones, and … pearls. Introducing and descriptively exploring each and every gem covered in the easy-to-use reference, Secrets Of The Gem Trade contains an illustrated summary of each stone inclusive of its history and general information, hue and tone, saturation, which may be noticed as the finest, an understanding of the particular gems rarity, and the caution for synthetics and how to depict them, however dependening upon the stone there may be description of clarity, color fading, multi-color effect, etc. Secrets Of The Gem Trade is very highly recommended to anyone interested in gemology as a superbly organized, authoritative, comprehensive, and easy-to-follow reference.”


“In the preface to Secrets of The Gem Trade, author Richard W. Wise states his intention to provide collectors with information about the gem trade…and, further to guide the collector toward becoming and expert in gem appreciation.  It is a promise that Wise keeps.”


“If gems interest you, this is one book you won’t want to miss.


“Its uniqueness lies in the clarity with which the author “lifts the veil” on those factors that the trade has kept ot its self for so many years.  Purchase of this book is recommended to all gemmologist-valuers.”

The Australian Gemmologist

”Intended for collectors and connoisseurs, the books should also appeal to jewelry artists using gems…An extensive glossary and a bibliography complete this valuable reference.”

American Craft

“Richard Wise has lifted the veil to uncover many of the aspects of gem trading while holding back just enough to leave the reader yearniing for more…I highly recommend this book to students wishing to suppplement their gemological studies with practical gem value and trade knowledge. Collectors and gem enthusiasts will find many helpful bits of information to assist in their gem purchases while navigating the path to becomming a true gem connoisseur.”

Gems & Gemology

“This book takes a much-needed sledgehammer to the industry’s conventional wisdom about what makes a gemstone precious, and in the process builds a solid foundation for anyone who wants to understand the true beauty and value of gemstones.”

MORGAN BEARD, Editor-in-Chief
Colored Stone Magazine

“An interesting and totally new approach to telling the gemstone story, insightful, informative and eminently readable. Obviously the work of an expert who both loves gems and wants to share his passion with others. An excellent guide for the budding connoisseur or collector.”

FRED WARD, Author, The Fred Ward Gem Series

“Kudos to Richard Wise for his Secrets Of The Gem Trade: The connoisseur’s guide to precious gemstones. His insight and experience shine through. It’s a great read, just the right amount of fantasy and fact mixed together to paint a colorful picture of the mysterious time honored gem trade! Great for industry professionals and consumers alike who want to know how to buy smartly.”

DEBORAH YONICK, Freelance Writer, aka “The Jewelry Lady.”

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