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“The author’s writing style and command of the subject matter
keeps the reader captivated”

–Gem Market News

Special Limited Edition of 100 signed and numbered copies,
Secrets Of Gem Trade Second Edition
PLUS a FREE signed copy of Richard Wise’s award winning historical novel The French Blue.

Twofer Price: $199.95
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Secrets Of The Gem Trade Second Edition has been
completely rewritten revised and expanded.
It is over 1/3rd larger, includes 5 new introductory essays,
11 new chapters and 277 images,
including 161 new additional images.

The Eleven New Chapters Include:
Jadeite / Demantoid Garnet / Natural Nacreous Pearls / Golconda (Type IIa) Diamonds / Conch Pearls / Sunstone / Peridot / Moonstone / Cobalt Blue Spinel /Red/Pink Spinel / Violet Diamonds

Natural Pearls have seen a huge resurgence. Two chapters on Nacreous and Conch Pearls have been added. Jade, the much misunderstood, inscrutable gem is described, for the first time; in terms both Asian and Western readers will understand. In a new introduction, learn the true story of the Blue Whites, the Crème de La Crème of colorless diamonds.

Thanks to reader’s suggestions: Sunstone, Moonstone, Peridot Cobalt Blue Spinel, Demantoid Garnet and Violet Diamonds have been added.

Printed on the highest quality paper, the deluxe hardcover edition includes exclusive images from two major museum collections and an array of the latest auction market icons. Like a fine Renaissance painting, each image has been individually spot varnished for depth and accurate color rendering. The Limited Edition is cloth bound and custom slipcased, individually hand signed and numbered!

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ISBN: 978-0-9728223-2-9
Published by: Brunswick House Press