Month: December 2017

Gems & Gemology, The Bible of the Gem Trade Reviews Secrets Of The Gem Trade (2nd Edition)

Book Review: Secrets of the Gem Trade, Second Edition Tao Hsu December 1, 2017 FacebookTwitterPrintEmailFacebook MessengerMore6 By Richard W. Wise, hardcover, 404 pp., illus. publ. by Brunswick House, Lenox, Massachusetts, 2016, $99.95. The gem and jewelry industry is still extremely secretive, even in our fast-paced digital era. In both the first and this second edition…
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A Meditation on Cultured Pearls

Quality Part II Color and translucency are insufficient! A fine pearl must have that subtle misty iridescence that connoisseurs call orient, a glow that seems to emanate from inside the pearl and cling to its skin, like an early morning fog, a quality that led the medieval poet Thomas Campion to muse that pearls: “look…
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