Month: November 2017

A Meditation On Cultured Pearls

By Richard W. Wise, G.G. ©2017 Part I I began my career as a faceted stone man. It took me a long time to warm up to pearls. A fine diamond will blast you with brilliance and a ruby will step right up and sock you in the eye. Not so the pearl! Pearls seemed…
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British Journal of Gemology Review: Secrets Of The Gem Trade (2nd Edition)

Secrets of the Gem Trade, 2nd edn. By Richard W. Wise, 2016. Brunswick House Press, Lenox, Massachusetts, USA, 404 pages, illus., ISBN 978-0972822329. US$99.95 hardcover. Why publish a second edition of the successful Secrets of the Gem Trade? Wise perhaps explains it best in his preface: “This second edition has been enlarged and largely rewritten.…
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