Secrets of The Gem Trade (2nd Edition) One of Eight Five star reviews on

Secrets of The Gem Trade (2nd Edition) One of Eight Five star reviews on

A Great New review of Secrets Of The Gem Trade, The Connoisseur’s Guide To Precious Gemstones

***** 5.0 out of 5 starsGreat Secrets revealed!
By Deborah Mazza on December 24, 2016
Format: Hardcover

Thirteen years after the first edition came out, Richard W. Wise has published a second edition of his acclaimed book, updated it with added chapters on new gemstone finds, and new high-quality photographs.
Richard W. Wise is a Graduate Gemologist and an author, who trained as a goldsmith and visited gem-producing areas worldwide; he approaches the essays from a philosophical perspective as well as introducing ideas from reputable authors that add an interesting and fresh insight to the trade.

This is a clearly written work, easily understandable demonstrating a deep knowledge of the gem trade. It sparks the reader’s interest in gemstones, explains concepts like beauty, rarity and gem identification keywords, only going to whet the readers appetite for further knowledge and training, which are essential to gain proper experience in the trade.

Well laid out in two parts, with an introduction and overview, the second part deals solely with gemstones. It stimulates the reader with exceptionally informative footnotes; the glossary and ample bibliography provide more information for further study.
This book is a worthy addition to any connoisseur’s library and provides useful information to both novice and expert alike. Richard W. Wise’s novel approach to writing about the gem trade has delivered a book that whilst providing good references is also a great read, one not to miss!

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